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Have an idea about where you want your song to go? Need some help getting there? Steve Bloch has the expertise and the knowledge to help you get to the next stage. Having worked with songwriters for over two decades, he can give you the advice you need ...


Constantly juggling a variety of projects, Steve is involved around the country and around the world. Find out what's going on here in Nashville and closest to you, and see how you can get your music into the hands of top industry publishers and artists ... 


"Lyrically, if it's a story song, I need to care about the characters. I like to know who to root for and who to root against in the song. The truth is, a lot of the elements of a movie live in a song. My favorite songs are the ones we call "3-minute movies." We see characters that are vividly portrayed. A song has to have a reason to keep the listener listening."

Want more advice like this? Find out how Steve can help you and your music ...


I learned so much from his comments on everyone's songs, and he was a breath of fresh air compared to many of the people who listen to a song and don't say a word about it.” 

Dan from Texas


“It was awesome that he took the time to play some of his favorite songs that he is currently pitching. Great lesson for me. I cannot thank him enough for his always candid and helpful input.” 

Laurie from Pennsylvania

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