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Helping songwriters for over twenty years


You can find Steve at a variety of events throughout the year listening for the next memorable song. Think you've got the next big hit?



Steve says he loves working intimately with the writers at every phase of the song—from the germination of an idea, to the development of that idea, to helping edit it, and then taking the song into the studio and trying to make the magic there.




Steve represents a variety of songs from many publishing companies and from songwriters all around the world, pitching them for artists and projects based in Nashville, TN.


"We always say here that we represent songs, but in fact, songs represent us," Steve says. Although very selective, Steve is always searching for the next song to "hit me in my cells. I have to have an emotional response to a song."

If you are looking for a potential plugger to represent your songs, Steve is an experienced pro who will take a listen to your catalog and give you frank and honest feedback. 

The notorious Speed Pitch...

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"Lucky 13" Speed Pitch - including details and upcoming dates.

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Looking for advice on where to go next? Want a veteran pro to take a listen to your music and help point you in the right direction? 

Steve Bloch is an honest and caring 'diamond in the rough' in the intimidating music industry. 

Steve offers mentoring sessions and song evaluations to help guide you and your music. No matter where you are in your writing process or where you are in the world, Steve can offer invaluable advice on how to make it in this business where the song speaks for itself.

30 minute one-on-one*

60 minute one-on-one*

90 minute one-on-one*

*in person, by phone, or on Skype

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Click HERE to read the Steve Bloch interview from the TAXI conference. 


Steve was totally engaged the entire time, and he was incredibly personable.  After every single song, he offered some kind of feedback, and most of it was quite detailed.  He showed a ton of respect for all the writers and the creative process, taking everyone's songs seriously.

Anne from Tennessee

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